mckenzie mist bottled water

Office Delivery

bottled water for your office

We Deliver Right to Your Office!
In order to help us assess your needs, please call our office at 541-747-8072, Mon.-Fri. 9:00am to 5:30pm.

You will speak to a live person who can immediately set up your account and schedule a delivery-often the same or next day!


Home Delivery

mckenzie mist home delivery prices

Water Pickup

Pick up at our store located at 4222 W 6th Ave., Eugene or at Wynant’s Family Foods, 722 South A. Street in Springfield.

mckenzie mist bottled water prices
mckenzie mist cases of bottled water prices

Cased Products Also Available for Delivery!

*Refundable deposit on each bottle. Click here for more information on bottle care for refunds.





Ceramic Crocks

A ceramic crock does not provide heated or chilled water.  Rather, the vitreous porcelain naturally keeps water about 10 degrees cooler than ambient air temperature, providing the temperature of drinking water favored by many health care professionals and athletes.

We have many styles of beautiful ceramic crocks on display in our showroom.  From plain white, striped, stainless steel or with colorful embellishments, we invite you to pick one that matches your décor.

Plain White  $38
Striped (Blue or Green)  $43
Embellished and Stainless Steel  $50

Crocks, Water and Stands Sold Separately.


Counter Top and Floor Stands

Available in a variety of colors and finishes and range from $18 to $45

Crocks, Water and Stands Sold Separately.


Electric Hot and Cold Dispenser


Monthly rental of a H/C unit is available only for Commercial Accounts. This includes scheduled cleanings and an attached cupholder (if desired).

Monthly Rental  $12
(requires purchase of 4 or more bottles per month)

Monthly Rental  $15
(requires purchase of 1-3 bottles per month)

Monthly Rental of 2 or More Units  $8 each
(with purchase of 4 or more bottles per month each unit)

Dispenser and Water Sold Separately.

Electric Hot and Cold Dispensers for the Home

Available for Purchase

While we do not rent electric hot and cold dispensers to residential customers, you can purchase a new or used electric unit from us or from any local retailer. Our bottles will fit them!

New    $275
Used   $125 sold “as is” 


Hydro Pumps

Take It With You!

Handy, low-tech, non-electric units that fit directly onto your McKenzie Mist 3 or 5 gallon bottle, giving you the freedom to take your water anywhere!

Hydropump  $30

Pump, Water and Stand Sold Separately.