The BEST Water!

PURE Source

On private and protected, forested land that has been in our family for over 30 years, our artesian well is located 45 miles east of Eugene, Oregon, up the beautiful McKenzie River Valley high in the Cascades. The well is situated at the western edge of the Willamette National Forest, a 1.7 million acre temperate rain forest that is larger than the state of Delaware! 

What sets McKenzie Mist water apart is that it is NOT FROM A COMMUNITY OR MUNICIPAL SOURCE — meaning it has not been disinfected (or made lifeless and de-structured) by chlorine, bromine, ozone or U.V., then piped for miles or filtered. In addition, There is NO INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT OR FARMING ACTIVITY in the proximity of the source, therefore, no threat of contamination. Our water is naturally clean and pure and ready to drink right at the source.

Multiple Barriers of protection:

  • Our deep-well source is on private, protected, forested land high in the Cascade Mountains, away from residential and industrial activity.

  • The water is encapsulated in solid volcanic basalt, which protects it from potential contaminants entering from below the surface.

  • The artesian water flow is constantly pushing upwards, which disallows potential contaminants to infiltrate from the surface.

The BEST Test Results!

We test our water in accordance with state and federal law through an independent certified lab for:  Inorganic Chemicals, Volatile Organic Chemicals, Synthetic Organic Chemicals, Disinfectants, Disinfectant By-Products, and Radioactive Contaminants-all noted as “Not Detected” on our test results! Our water is naturally free of these possible contaminants.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture Food Safety Division, using guidelines established by the FDA and EPA Safe Drinking Water Act, as well as current state laws, inspects our bottling plant regularly on an unannounced basis. Inspections include water processing and testing, water quality, and plant cleanliness. We are proud to consistently meet and exceed these stringent standards.

We have been testing our water for 24 years and the results never vary-proving that McKenzie Mist is perfectly pure, pristine water from our private and protected source!

The BEST Taste  

International Taste Test Winner!

Our efforts to provide the purest, tastiest water available have borne delicious fruit. In 1998, McKenzie Mist entered its first competition and was awarded First Place at the 8th annual "Toast to the Tap: International Water Tasting and Competition", surpassing 36 other entrants from around the world.

Judges included taste experts Dr. Robert Hankin from the Taste and Smell Clinic in Washington, D.C. and Dr. Robert Wolke, Professor Emeritus in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, along with freelance writers and media experts from Beverage Industry and Southern Living magazines, CNN and USA Today.

254328_01_1st Prize (1).png

Why does McKenzie Mist water taste so delicious?

Because we bottle it FRESH EVERY DAY.

Because of the naturally occurring minerals in the water. They add flavor, mouthfeel, and essential nutrients in every delicious drop.

Because of the perfect ph-8.0 which is slightly alkaline, as are our bodies. This means that McKenzie Mist assists the acidified body to return to a healthier alkaline balance. And, alkaline water just tastes smoother!

Because McKenzie Mist water is not treated with disinfectants-it is so naturally clean!

Because McKenzie Mist is not piped for long distances in corroded, old pipes.

Because McKenzie Mist water is free of the contaminants that are commonly found in tap water and water from community water and municipal sources.

We invite you to stop by our store and TEST THE TASTE for yourself!

What Our Customers Say...

“After recently buying a house in west Eugene we quickly realized that the city water wouldn't cut it. The water we drink is so important to us as it's one of the base layers of our health and wellness. When we found McKenzie Mist we were so excited because the water is pure, refreshing and truly the best tasting water we've ever had. Your water is incredible!  We are so glad we found you McKenzie Mist! Thank you for providing a safe, healthful and delicious alternative to city water or otherwise. We will never go back!” 

Ashley and Patrick Cahill