Locally Owned, Family Operated

High in the McKenzie River Valley, on the forested western slopes of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, in an area renowned for the purity of its water, a heavy mist shrouds the landscape. Drop by gleaming drop, it saturates the lush surroundings, filtering down thru ancient layers of volcanic rock. Two hundred and eighty feet below the surface this water runs, so naturally purified that it needs no alteration by human hands. At our private and protected deep-well source, we harvest nature’s most perfect drink and offer it so that you may Rehydrate, Refresh and Rejuvenate!

McKenzie Mist is a truly local company.  Founded in Lane County in 1994, our water bottling plant is located 45 miles east of Eugene, Oregon, up the beautiful McKenzie River Valley high in the Cascade Mountains. Our private and protected property is situated at the western edge of the Willamette National Forest, a 1.7 million acre temperate rain forest that is larger than the state of Delaware! Unlike other water companies, we own the land and the source of our water and have been caring for this precious resource for over 30 years.

Company founders Molly and Gale Morris were both born in Oregon and raised here in Eugene. Choosing to stay in Lane County our entire lives, we have a passionate love of the outdoors: for the beauty, health benefits and recreation opportunities that living here affords us. That love of woods, water, animals and plants is what inspired Gale in 1979 to purchase the forested property that is now home to McKenzie Mist. Born and raised on that same land, the Morris boys grew up along with the young company. Today, both boys have joined their parents and now work for McKenzie Mist, making it a true “family business”.

With deep roots in this community, the Morris family doesn’t just sell water. We provide an essential health catalyst and we want to be a valued member of your health care team. The health and happiness of each and every customer is important to us.

With a 24 year history of bottling and delivering our International Taste Test winning water with quiet diligence, we have earned our reputation for having the best-tasting water, coupled with outstanding customer service. Delivering to hundreds of homes and offices, local grocery stores and opening our own store has given us the opportunity to turn hundreds (probably thousands!) of customers into friends that we know by name.

We are proud and honored to have created a company that provides jobs for people in 3 communities in Lane County: Blue River, Eugene and Springfield. We, in turn, support our customers! By intentionally choosing to do reciprocal business with our customers first-whether for personal items or business needs-we help to keep the local economy strong with our commitment to “keeping it local”. It’s not always all about the cheapest price-it’s about supporting our friends, neighbors and customers so that we ALL prosper.


The Best Water!

Pure Source

What sets McKenzie Mist water apart is that it is NOT FROM A COMMUNITY OR MUNICIPAL SOURCE — meaning it has not been disinfected (or made lifeless and de-structured) by chlorine, bromine, ozone or U.V., then piped for miles or filtered. In addition, There is NO INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT OR FARMING ACTIVITY in the proximity of the source, therefore, no threat of contamination. Our water is naturally clean and pure and ready to drink right at the source.


We Deliver!

New Delivery FAQs

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Just call our office at 541-747-8072
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You will talk with a LIVE person! No message machines, no voicemails, no waiting for a call back!


The Best Taste!

International Taste Test Winner!

Our efforts to provide the purest, tastiest water available have borne delicious fruit. In 1998, McKenzie Mist entered its first competition and was awarded First Place at the 8th annual "Toast to the Tap: International Water Tasting and Competition", surpassing 36 other entrants from around the world.


Harvesting Perfectly Pure, Pristine Water
at Our Private and Protected Source.


What Our Customers Say...

“There are a lot of reasons I love to drink McKenzie Mist! I love the local business aspect of it. Employing local people and boosting the local economy. People say water doesn’t have taste, but I think it does. And I can taste the difference in McKenzie Mist water. The fact that it is natural water with no chemicals and harmful things in it puts the cap on it for me. Overall, I love it.” 

Jonathan Dieter